Hayley and Craig : : Wedding (a must read)

Last Saturday, during that snow storm that came out of nowhere, Hayley and Craig had planned to get married on their parents’ farm on a island surrounded by water. They built a bridge ¬†for the main purpose of walking across to the island to exchange their marriage vows. When the weather forecast predicted a major snow storm, they had made other arrangements to get married in a local church about 6 miles down the road. The reception was to be held in a beautiful white tent on her grandmother’s farm just across the way. They had gotten heaters, but no one could suspect the weather to be what it was. In Hillsborough, New Jersey, it snowed heavily for 12 hours. Trees had fallen, guests were canceling, power lines were down, and the electricity was flickering. When Hayley was getting the final touches of her make-up completed, she had gotten word that the tent had collapsed. What were they going to do?

Hayley and Craig decided they would still get married in the church and just have the reception in her parent’s house. They ordered 20 pizza’s, they were able to retrieve the alcohol they had purchased for the reception, and had a party. They danced in the living room, surrounded by family and friends, to an ipod. It was so intimate, everyone who could come was having a great time. Things didn’t exactly work out as they had planned, but they couldn’t have planned a better wedding.

Out of the 165 guests that were going to be there, maybe 50 were able to come. All of their event professionals, from hair and make-up to caterers and DJs, that were hired for the event had felt so bad that they were are able to reschedule the reception for this Saturday, November 5th.¬†Hayley and Craig didn’t let the freak storm stop their happiness. They owned it and had fun with the snow. Who has wedding photographs like these ones below?

Congrats Hayley and Craig, this was seriously one of my all time favorite weddings. Your family and friends were so warm and welcoming, I consider myself lucky to have been party or your day!

Stay tuned for next week…Beth

"This is the island they were to be married on."

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