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I am so in love with this family. Willy, the little guy, had such a blast at Core Creek Park. We had chosen this location because their is a playground here that is usually not totally packed; which makes it great when your photo session activity is the playing at the playground. On the drive to the playground, I saw this huge area of tall grass that I knew would create a really soft atmosphere for a family portrait. Willy started picking flowers for his mommy – what a sweet child. He then was blowing bubbles with his dad and seriously had the best time. I had fun watching him explore and the family interact. Willy’s best friends are his mom and dad, and I can definitely see why.

Some advice…if you are planning on a summer session, 6:30pm is a great time to begin. Not only has the day cooled off, but the sun is at the most perfect height. Less squinting and sweating and more enjoying the summer night.

Stay tuned for more photo sessions.

Totally in love with this image.

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