Ava Marie : : Azzolina Photography Babes

You may remember this little love bug from this photo taken six month ago when she was a couple of days old. What an adorable, full of expression, to die for blue-eyed babe she is at six month old.

Aiden : : Azzolina Photography Babe

Aiden just turned 6 months old. A baby’s first year is so fun to photograph. The most popular times to get a new baby’s photographs done are 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and one year. At 2 weeks old, babies muscles are at the highest flexibility of their lifetime. This enables them […]

Easter Portrait Special : : Azzolina Photography

Quint : Azzolina Photography Babe

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple about three years ago when they had gotten married in Lambertville, New Jersey. I also had the pleasure of photographing their first babe at 6 months old, Quint, in Bristol, Pennsylvania at the Grundy Library Museum. Lasting relationships is one of the things I heart about […]

Grady is welcomed with love by his mom, dad, and their dog

There is something truly magical about photographing babes. They’ve only known the world for mere days, yet their personality is beginning to shine through. The parents are usually in this impregnable state of pride and happiness, and the entire world seems to be filled with endless love when a babe arrives. When I photographed Grady […]

a celebration honoring fathers

I may be partial to Azzolina Photography’s dads, but I am sure you will agree that we have the world’s greatest. I know you all can join me in saying, “Thanks Dad, I love you, and Happy Father’s Day!”