Genevieve Elizabeth : : Azzolina Photography Babes

Rayna : : Azzolina Photography Babes

I cannot not get enough of Rayna’s cuteness. Way too much cuteness for ‘ONE’ birthday and blog post. You may remember Rayna from her newborn session (see video below if you missed it or just want to watch it again), taken almost a year ago this month. Time flies when your having fun! Her newborn […]

The Colistra Family : : Azzolina Photography Babes

The Colistra Family : : Azzolina Photography Babes from Azzolina Photography on Vimeo.

Clementine : : Azzolina Photography Babes

Photographing Clementine was so much fun. She is nine month old and is seriously, just happy. We had set up some cool props in the garden in her parent’s backyard and went to town. These images will be incorporated in her first birthday invitations that Azzolina Photography will be custom designing soon. One of my […]

Easter Portrait Special : : Azzolina Photography

‘One’ derful Birthday : Azzolina Photography

I have had the pleasure of photographing Frankie three times in the first year of his life. When I first met him, he was two weeks old and had an adoreable mohawk for our shoot. The next photo shoot was for Christmas, he wasn’t quite sitting by himself yet and all his hair had turned […]

a celebration honoring fathers

I may be partial to Azzolina Photography’s dads, but I am sure you will agree that we have the world’s greatest. I know you all can join me in saying, “Thanks Dad, I love you, and Happy Father’s Day!”