Mike and Kate : : Azzolina Photography Wedding

I know I spoke about in recent posts, how when you are asked to photograph a couple again – it is the ultimate compliment. An even greater compliment to that is when another event professions (e.g. a videographer) asks you to photographer his wedding. Mike, the groom and videographer, has seen so many weddings and other photographers, but still asked me to be his photographer. For the first time in 6 or 7 years, I was nervous-just wanting to do a great job for the couple, whom I think are really wonderful people. Not that I had any doubts of my ability to create beautiful wedding photographs, but I guess everyone gets nervous sometimes. (Am I quoting a song here…not sure, but I will go on : ) Side note…it was a really fun day and I love their photographs!

Mike and Kate had some really cool event professionals, their DJ Bobby Sacco rocked, and Malaki, the videographer from the groom’s Video Company, Dolbow Video Productions, is always fun, and then there was their photographers, me and Alex (see photo booths strip below). You guys can be the judge on how we did! For their photo session after the ceremony, we had went to the Grundy Library Museum in Bristol, PA. This location has the river in the background which is amazing, really beautiful architecture of the museum, and most of all it is free!!! Hard to come by free when planning a wedding, believe, you, me, I know!!!!

I will stop rambling and just say that Mike and Kate deserve only the best in their life together. Congrats love birds!!!!

Sincerely, Beth (also, come back next week for more …. : )

This moment was right before they walked down the aisle. So sweet!


I have no idea where he got these!!!!

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