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I usually like to use my blog to talk about how an engagement session went during the shoot, but for this couple I have to talk about the editing process. It’s not that I didn’t love shooting Jen and Vince, it’s that I didn’t realize just how much magic this couple had until I went back and looked at their images. Their totally in love. What’s special about this couple is that they have a certain chemistry with each other. You can tell that they’re truly in love because they have a magic in the moments between moments. It’s when nothing is going on that you can really see the love that Jen and Vince have for each other. They just fit together. It’s that kind of love that inspires others to love.

And then there was Bella, their dog, who is extremely lucky to have such adoring owners. They will do anything for their dog, and in my book, dog lovers are some good people. They are getting married next October, which I cannot wait to photograph. Here is a sneak peek of their engagement session at Core Creek Park. Gotta love there pooch, Bella.

Now that I’m done rambling about how much I love this couple, here’s some advice for engagement sessions: when thinking of what to wear, wear something that shows off your personal style. I strongly suggest personalizing the shoot; whether we shoot the place where you had gotten engaged or had your first date. For Jen and Vince, we personalized the shoot with one lucky pooch, Bella.

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