Emily and Eric : : Azzolina Photography Engagement

Emily and Eric’s engagement session began under the Ben Franklin Bridge and ended on the bridge’s pedestrian walkway. (Fun fact: the Ben Franklin Bridge’s Pedestrian Walkway is about one and half miles long). I found this location extremely interesting and wondered how I have never known about the pedestrian walkway being that I have lived in or near the city my entire life. We really had a great time walking from the Race Street Pier and finding interesting spots to photograph along the way. Emily and Eric were wonderful company and I really enjoyed spending part of the day exploring and finding new places that I have never photographed before.

Some inside information: A Milkway candy bar means “I love you.”

Dear Emily and Eric,

I hope you enjoy this little teaser from your engagement session! 7 more months and I get to spend the day with you two love birds again!



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