‘One’ derful Birthday : Azzolina Photography

I have had the pleasure of photographing Frankie three times in the first year of his life. When I first met him, he was two weeks old and had an adoreable mohawk for our shoot. The next photo shoot was for Christmas, he wasn’t quite sitting by himself yet and all his hair had turned to a white blonde. This July, he turned ‘one,’ beautiful curls, a giggling ball of fun, running around and of course, eating his cupcake with one candle to signify his first milestone of life completed.

Our shoot took place at the Glen Foerd Mansion in Philadelphia on the Delaware River.  One important thing I like to focus on in my shoots is capturing my subjects for who they are as little ones. We walked around the mansion’s grounds and played. I feel this is the best way to really truly understand who little Frankie is as a one year old. When it came time for him to eat his cupcake, we didn’t know what to expect. First, he put his finger in the icing and then in his mouth for taste-wouldn’t dare pick up the cupcake. Then, after realizing icing was made of SUGAR, he picked it up, wrapper and all, and shoved it in his mouth. He got so excited he was clapping when he finished.

A good thing to do when it’s time for your little one to get his or her pictures taken is not stress. Find something your little one loves and let the shoot happen. I try to create a very calm and fun atmosphere, letting the little ones get to know me before I start shooting. They then will realize that this will be fun and their true personalities start to shine though.

I always hope my blog will help give you ideas for shoots, as well as, give you a little insight into my life as a photographer…stay tuned for more next week.


Curls and a smile to mush over.

“I cannot get over this hat…

…or outfit…so cute”

“the fun begins…

“does he like it?”

“No I do not think he likes it … I know he loves it!”

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